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So beautiful, I was surprised! I love this store ♥️

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Karen Secker

Such a beautiful figurine such detail unbelieveable all I need now is a shungite ball to go in the dish then it will be complete.

Online store of shungite products

Online store of shungite products

The shungite products presented in the catalog are made of natural black stone. This stone is similar to coal, but it outstands with unique properties. The mineral is extracted in Karelia. It tends to absorb substances presented in the environment. It destroys harmful microorganisms, combine and shields from radioactive radiation. Shungite stones are used for water purificationю it turns out, that shungite water is enriched with unique medicinal properties.

Shungite is consider as a super stone among minerals. It resists malice, сcreates positivity and provides protection. People are increasingly engaged in the study of its features and physical characteristics.


Shungite was formed 2 billion years ago. In the meantime, its healing properties became clear only a couple of centuries ago. The ancient Slavs called this black mineral snake stone. It is believed that it has an extraterrestrial origin: that it can be a part of a meteorite. In essence, shungite is found only in one place on the planet – in Karelia, near the village of Shunga. This theory is partially confirmed by the presence of fullerenes in the composition – carbons that are not found in any other natural stone.

Medicinal properties

Shungite stones are known for their special forces. There is historical evidence that in military campaigns they were used as one of the additional means of treatment.

The mineral is used in agriculture, the metallurgical industry, and medicine. Shungite surpasses activated carbon in the ability to absorb by 30 times.

This is one of the most popular stones with medicinal properties, which is used as a base for a variety of medicines and cosmetic formulations.

There are many methods of healing. The mineral is applied to the sore spots. Shungite is used as a supplement to traditional treatment, helping to cope with diseases of the skin, blood vessels and heart, diabetes, digestive organs, mental disorders, diseases of the joints, spine, respiratory organs. Shungite can normalize blood pressure, relieve headaches, relieve insomnia, fatigue, and increase the tone of the entire body.

Shungite products are used in astrology and rituals, as they are known for their special properties.

Non-traditional use

The mineral conducts subtle energies. Ancestors noticed such properties, so they began to make jewelry and amulets, preferring them to products made from other stones. With its help, the energy of the sun is supplied in the human biofield. Shungite is so potent in terms of energy that it is not recommended to wear it on the body around the clock.

You can buy shungite products, which helps in protection against bad forces, find peace, attract good luck. Shungite products are often used in rituals of an occult nature. Shungite pyramid is also useful in terms of ordinary life. It can be placed near the computer to reduce the degree of negative radiation. Accessories that are made of shungite need special care and less contact with the hands.

The mineral amulet is designed for different purposes depending on the geometry:

  • The rounded shape harmonizes the sphere of love;
  • The cube brings success in business;
  • The pyramid effectively protects the house.

Shungite is useful in love affairs. It is recommended to wear it in situations where the partnership is threatened by external factors. Important to note that it does not contribute to the attraction of the opposite sex.

It turns out that shungite talismans can protect from damage, the evil eye, or even black magic. It is believed that the mineral is similar to a sponge, which absorbs all the negative, focused on the owner. Long-term wear allows you to develop a person's intuition.

Shungite cannot be used as a talisman for children, as it too strongly affects the energy field of a person. For adults, wearing shungite is relevant only when there is a real threat. However, it should not be on a constant basis. It is recommended to store the products in caskets.


Shungite stones are processed to produce products in the form of pyramids, balls, cubes, harmonizers, plates. It can be in a form of various jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, pendants. Shungite is often used as a filler in the production of healing blankets, pillows, mats, knee pads, belts, hats, elbow pads, massage rods. It is added to cosmetics and medicines. Shungite filters used for water treatment. Researches conducted that in terms of efficiency shungite is several times stronger than coal filters.

You can buy shungite products of different types with delivery from us. If you are not able to determine what is right for you, please contact our managers, they will help you in detail.


Exercises with balls for a long time will help to preserve mental abilities, memory, and also help to cope with stress, anxiety and fatigue

Shungite is black-colored stone that is often referred to as the “Miracle Stone” or even the “Stone of Life”.

Shungite stones are said to possess some incredible abilities and powers of positivity and harmony.

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