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So beautiful, I was surprised! I love this store ♥️

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Karen Secker

Such a beautiful figurine such detail unbelieveable all I need now is a shungite ball to go in the dish then it will be complete.

Why should you buy shungite in our online store?

Nowadays, many people recourse to the mysterious and healing qualities of the shungite stone, and this is not surprising due to its truly unique nature. Karelian shungite is a beautiful, coal-black mineral born in the Russian settlement of Shunga. This unique mineral, which was formed during the Precambrian period, possesses mysterious, protective and healing qualities. First of all, shungite is the oldest carbonaceous mineral on our planet. The high concentration of fullerene makes it possible to assume, and even prove its cosmic origin. Until recently, scholars believed that there were only three forms of carbon, which are diamond, graphite, and carbine. A fullerene is a new form of carbon which was discovered recently and now is available in our shungite store.

The only deposit of shungite stone

In some degree, the uniqueness of this natural mineral, which at first glance may recall the most common black coal, lies in the fact that the single deposit in the whole world is located in one of the most beautiful and amazing places on our planet - in Karelia. If we consider this subject from the scientific point of view, then we have no other choice but say that shungite and its unique properties have a rather complex chemical composition. The above mentioned fullerenes – are special molecular compounds, which are a relatively new allotropic modification of carbon, which, as is known, is the basis of all life on Earth. Even today, modern medicine increasingly refers to preparations based on fullerenes as the medicine of the future and places enormous hopes on them. Karelian stone – is a very beautiful, coal-black stone. Moreover, if you are looking for an online source where to buy real shungite – you came in the right place. Our online store locates in the heart of Karelia in Russia and provides you with the high quality products. Also here you can find different colors of minerals and crystals. Numerous exclusive ornaments will look very impressive and smart. Shungit jewelry will serve as a luxurious addition to the modern appearance. The story of shungit is not only about the aesthetic beauty of stone but mainly about its unique features. Black mineral is a unique natural formation in Karelia, which has no analogs in the world! It can be confidently asserted that shungite is one of the most healing stones on our planet.

The usage of shungite stone

Our wise distant ancestors - the ancient Slavs - knew and widely used the healing properties of this mineral, which they often endowed with magical qualities: it was believed that shungite and products from it are the best way to preserve and increase strong health, beauty, youth, and vitality. Moreover, Russian healing stone is:
  • electro conductive;
  • adsorption-active;
  • has a bactericidal effect.
Mineral is used to penetrate sunlight into the energy field, allowing the positive energy to reach the desired area. Shungite has a soothing and relaxing effect on anyone using it, and on those who are nearby. Also, black stone from Russia is widely used by folk healers to strengthen the immune system, grow hair, improves a poor dermatological condition and deformation of antioxidants. Russian stone also improves blood pressure, normalizes the problems of the respiratory tract, relieves infections, cleans the blood and protects from electromagnetic radiation. It can be considered a truly miracle-stone, which you can purchase in online store.Russian stone is not less interesting today - this precious mineral is used not only for purification and infusion of water but also for making all kinds of products, including amulets, bijouterie, pyramids, spheres, plates that protect from harmful phone radiation. The wide selection of goods made from shungite you will find in our Russian stone store. From the point of view of healthy people, schungit is priceless. The most common ornaments of this stone can improve your health significantly:
  • relieve headaches and insomnia;
  • help overcome the syndrome of chronic fatigue;
  • strengthen the tone of the whole body.

Healing properties of shungite crystals

By the way, the rejuvenating and healing properties of shungite are confirmed by researches of scientists. It turns out that the he contains antioxidant molecules or fullerenes, which are very effective against aggressive free radicals, which destroy living cells of the body. The painstaking work of antioxidant cells helps a person maintain health and look younger. Buy shungite from Russia, from its original deposit and enjoy its healing properties. Therefore, it is not surprising that shungite is a part of many modern cosmetics, as well as medicines intended for the full recovery of the body. He normalizes cellular metabolism, stimulating the regeneration of tired and faded skin. Russian women from ancient times knew about the magic properties of shungite water, and with its help sought to obtain the silky skin. Black stone has the most diverse magical properties. All jewelry with a stone helps the owner to accumulate vital energy and repel negative information. Shungite amulets provide reliable protection against black forces, relieve fear and give their owner a sense of peace. Amulets of shungite help in love affairs, which are available in Russian healing store. Shungite stone price is friendly to your pocket and delivery is available worldwide. This mineral especially supports young, active and energetic people, who can easily buy shungite online. Talismans made of this coal-black mineral for home and office can be of various shapes:
  • spheres;
  • cubes;
  • and pyramids.

Forms of shunigite stone

Cubic shungite talisman draws luck in commercial projects. Online store is the best place where to buy shungite stones, like shungite pyramids, which serve as a reliable protection of the house from negative energy. Spherical shungit talismans bring success to their owners in love affairs. Moreover, any souvenir or talisman made from shungite will protect your family from electromagnetic waves, which emit household appliances: television, computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens. Be healthy and beautiful with World of Shungite!
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