Elite shungite
Elite noble shungite
Shungite is one of the most popular healing stones that it is extremely good to have this stone in one form or the other in your home. It is considered that it is 2 billion years old and is made of 98% pure carbon and looks like a black non-crystalline stone. These elite shungite crystal are mainly found in the deposits of the Onega Lake in Karelia, Russia. It is said that these were formed with a biological origin and possess many powerful properties that have created a lot of interests among scientists and researchers to analyze this stone for its curing properties.

Elite noble shungite

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Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items

The shungite elite stones have been proven to be useful in various ways including:

  • They have been used in the treatment of various diseases including cancer since the 18th century
  • They are known for its various healing properties
  • They have been widely used in water purification process
  • They are known for its anti-bacterial properties
  • They are also used as a pigment for painting
  • They have been used as low-density filters
  • They are known for its detoxification and purification properties
  • Wearing a stone eliminates any negative energies

The elite noble shungite crystals are considered to contain natural materials called fullerenes that are behind all the powerful properties of curing cancer, purifying water and so on. The shungite stones are also the only known natural materials to contain these incredible fullerenes on earth. The shungite has been used in many healing processes for centuries in Russia. It is considered to purify and detoxify your body when you wear or keep in possession a shungite stone with you. It eliminates all kinds of negative energies from nearing your and allow only positive energies to reach your body.

Genuine elite shungite

The elite shungite are also used to protect against the Electro Magnetic Forces (EMF) emanated from electronic products in your home like your computer, TV, mobile phone, microwave etc. Keeping some of these stones near the electronic equipment and you’ll be protected from these harmful EMF’s, as EMF is also considered to cause many diseases including cancer. These stones are also proved to helpful in psychic protection.

Many people have come to know the extraordinary powers of these stones and are buying the elite shungite wholesale. It can be used to cleanse your body from any dysfunctional patterns or negative thoughts. Experts recommend to place these stones in the affected area and you may notice quick resolution to the problem. If you need a complete healing or purification of your body, it is better to hold these stones in your hand or even better to wear these stones in the forms of chain, bracelets or pendants and then meditate for some time. Make this practice of meditation along with the stones a routine task and you may see extra-ordinary as you’ll be largely relieved from stress and anxiety. You’ll also feel a lot more relaxed and can sense your energy levels have been boosted considerably.