Shungite magnets
Shungite magnets

Shungite is one of the rarest minerals in the entire world. In fact, for the past several centuries the only deposits that have been identified were in a village referred to as Shunga in Karelia. This black and beautiful gem has been used for many purposes over the years ranging from medical treatment to purification of water. However, what is perhaps one of the most important uses of this mineral is in making of jewelry and other ornaments. Our Shungite magnet line takes full advantage of this application with some of the most unique and beautiful souvenirs you will ever come across. Below is a description of the designs of Shungite magnet ornaments that you can choose from. 

Shungite magnets

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Showing 1 - 12 of 34 items

Amazing Shungite magnet designs to look out for 

Polished magnet design

This category features the simplest of the Shungite magnet souvenirs line. However, this minimalism does not in any way compromise on the beauty and elegance of the pieces. They are available in all their glossy black glory in different sizes and slight shape variations. These are perfect if you are looking for a souvenir that combines simplicity and elegance. 

Feng shui symbols

Traditionally, Shungite was believed to have supernatural powers including those of bestowing fortune and abundance on the holder. It is therefore fitting that this history was combined with traditional Chinese Feng Shui philosophy to produce this subcategory. The Shungite magnets here feature a variety of these symbols including the yin and yang symbol. Other symbols features include the Chinese symbols for love, abundance, luck, double happiness, money and longevity among others. This design is perfect when you are looking for Shungite magnets with a special meaning.

Karelia-inspired symbols

As earlier stated, Shungite is found in Karelia with this particular subcategory existing in honor of the mineral’s origin. The Shungite minerals with this design feature a Karelian symbol and the word Karelia in the native language. This is the only design in this subcategory and is simply a must-have if you wish to get a souvenir to pay homage to this beautiful region.

Petroglyphs symbol design

Finally, the Shungite magnet line features magnets with petroglyph symbols on them. Majority of these symbols are strongly associated with Karelian history and culture. In addition to this, the pieces are unique with simple yet beautiful images whether it is a pair of swans or mythical creatures. This design is perfect if you want a souvenir that allows you to acknowledge and appreciate culture. 

Final verdict 

It goes without saying that there is something for everyone in our Shungite magnet line. Whether you want a simple minimalistic piece or a full culture inspired set, you can rest assured that our souvenirs will not disappoint you. The four subcategories of Shungite magnets available ensure that you have a wide variety to choose from in terms of design and meaning. Therefore, whether you want a set for your home or you are looking for a nice souvenir to gift a loved one, you can rest assured that these pieces will not disappoint.