About company

"The World of Shungite" is one of the best companies providing shungite souvenirs worldwide. The company offers the lowest prices on the market as well as it provides wide range of products. We are also proud to say that our products are good quality. It is not just a sound but it is proven by our 17 years work experience. Moreover, every souvenir is made from a natural shungite, which you can only find in Zazhoginskoye mine (Medvezhyegorsk area; Republic of Karelia).The assortment is constantly updated and supplemented. We are also glad to consider any inquiries and wishes from our customers.

Yours sincerely, the director of "TD Raritet" Nasonov Viktor

Prionezhskiy avenue 12a 
village Vilga, Republic of Karelia, Prionezhskiy area 
185507 Russia


GPS: 61.817790, 34.095418 

mob:+79116619625  (Viber, WhatsApp)

Skype: anna.biriuk

e-mail: info@world-of-shungite.com