Plaques for cell phone
Shungite for mobile phones

Shungite plates for mobiles stand out of the ordinary in blocking the supreme electromagnetic field. Installation of these plates aid in neutralizing the adverse effects of the electromagnetic fields. You can attach the same to the backward side of the device, with an eye to rendering protection to the user from electromagnetic radiation during the mobile communication. In accordance with several studies, these plates have the capability of interacting with the electromagnetic fields of various nature. It also imparts individual protection from different harmful effects of the radiations. The ultimate goal is rendering protection to different living on Earth from geo-pathogenic zones, electromagnetic radiations, and fields, environmental and related issues.

Shungite for mobile phones

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Showing 1 - 12 of 39 items

Who should buy shungite for mobile phones

These plates can be purchased by people for rendering protection against negative energies, radiation, and electromagnetic waves. While mobile phones have come up with several opportunities, very few people are aware of the dangers associated with the technology. Electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones, that gets stronger during the conversation possess a negative influence on the nervous system. The radiation causes a depression in the biofield, leading to breakdown and severe deterioration of health. These plates should be purchased by people who are looking forward to options for neutralizing the radiation generated from the device. These plates stand out of the ordinary in conferring protection against the electromagnetic radiation.

Types of shungite plates

As mentioned earlier, the shungite plates have gained high popularity for their amazing healing powers. Various types of shungite plates are available that are unique in their own ways. These Shunginte plates are known across the globe and several people have reaped amazing benefits after using this stone. Here is a look at the different types of shungite plates:

Authentic black shungite

Authentic black shungite is mined in the Zazhonginskoe deposit in Karelia. They have the ability to render protection from the Electromagnetic radiation. Carbon is present in the percentage of 64 in this type of stone. They are also considered to be the best options for the creation of jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings. They are also loved across the globe for the wearables. They have become the prime choice of people for their higher properties for protection.

Elite Shungite

These shungite plates comprise a high amount of carbon. It is found in Shunga village of Karelia. It is composed of carbon proportion of premium quality from 90 to 98%. This is the uncleansed shungite which is distinguished by the deep silver color. To be precise, it possesses a unique feature and is electroconductive. It can be checked by the electro testers. This mineral function as a natural filter. It has the ability to manage the absorption of harmful substances. This type of Shungite plates has become the prime choice of people for their high shine and lacquer.

The Matte Gray Selection

These stones comprise the lowest portion of natural carbon. They are polished ones. They are used for a wide variety of purposes, related to protection and healing. They are highly malleable and can be found in cubes, pyramids, Chakra stones, harmonizers. They are also used for clearing liquid, guarding energy, healing, centering, balancing home energy, plant growth, radiation eliminators, etc.

Shungite slate

In this type of plate, the amount of carbon is present at a percentage of 5 percent. It does not possess any positive properties. It functions as the component of different construction materials. This fraction lacks energetic and protecting attributes.

Shungite with an Intermediate amount of carbon

It is inclusive of carbon in the proportion of 30-70 percent. It possesses denser structure along with lesser vivid color. The structure comes in black-grey color and includes quartz and pyrite. It is used for the production of goods such as tiles, glass, eggs, etc.

Benefits of Shungites for mobiles

Healing properties

Healers make use of shungite plates for the alleviation of a wide array of physical complaints like arthritis, skin issues, allergies, cardiovascular issues, skin and hair rejuvenation, arthritis. These plates are also found in extensive usage in curing, rescuing, healing, purifying, protecting, restoring, normalizing and stimulating the growth.

A wide variety of shungite plate for cell phone is available and you need to conduct a thorough research before choosing one. Many people have purchased the same and felt the difference. You are sure to gain a bunch of benefits from these plates.