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Shungite plaques for cell phone

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Shungite cell phone plates

Not only are shungite phone plates stylish accessories, but they also help in health protection. There are various options in our catalog.

Mobile phones are used everywhere. It has long been known that they emit harmful radio, which negatively affects our body. The waves disrupt the biorhythms, leading to an imbalance that causes various diseases. In the meantime, shungite plates for the phone can neutralize this effect. They enhance the body's natural defenses. In order to get a permanent protection just attach them to the back of the gadget.

Radiation features

Many experiments allowed us to prove that shungite has a shielding ability due to the presence of fullerene molecules in the base of the material. The constant usage of shungite plates will protect the body from negative influences, plus it will charge the body with vital energy.

Needless to say, phones were invented in the recently, therefore its influence is not fully examined. There are proven facts that the devices emit a high-frequency electromagnetic signal that warms the body's tissues from the inside. The higher the frequency, the longer the duration and power of the impact, the greater the damage from the operation of the phones is obtained.

The mechanism of exposure to radiation from a smartphone does not differ from a microwave oven. High-frequency electromagnetic waves cause the dipole molecules of a substance (usually water) to vibrate, which makes the temperature rise. The human body consists of 80% water, and most of it is contained in the brain. It turns out that when using a mobile phone, the brain cells get extremely hot. Each type of cell has its own electromagnetic frequency, which is disrupted due to the influence of such a signal, which leads to various failures.

You will not be able to refuse the use of mobile gadgets, but you can minimize their harm with the help of various hints.

Effective assistance

Shungite cell phone plates are one of the ways to protect against the negative effects of gadgets. We have a variety of natural mineral products that have proven effectiveness. Shungite can be used to neutralize radiation from any gadget at home or office.

Shungite is a natural stone. It possesses unique qualities. It is used for preventive procedures and medical manipulations. It also serves as an excellent protection against electromagnetic radiation of household appliances. The composition of the mineral has a special fullerene structure that helps to weaken the pathogenic effects of electromagnetic radiation. Applying shungite plate to the back of the phone eliminates up to 95% of the waves. This is fantastic invention provides:

  • Protection against fields of different origin;
  • Preservation of health;
  • Increases of protective properties.

Shungite cell phone plate is an original and useful gift that will protect your health and your loved ones. The widespread use of mobile phones suggests that this item will be in demand for people.

Find cell phone plates in our catalog. If you have any questions or need help feel free to contact our managers.

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