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Exercises with shungite spheres.

Exercises with shungite spheres.

Exercises with shungite spheres

Using shungite spheres for exercises can be a unique and interesting way to incorporate the properties of shungite into your routine. Shungite has potential health benefits, including electromagnetic field (EMF) protection and energy balancing. Here's a guide on how you might use shungite spheres for exercises:

Selecting Shungite Spheres:

Choose shungite spheres of an appropriate size for your hands, ensuring they are comfortable to hold. Usually, we recommend to select 3 cm or 3,5 cm.

Grounding Meditation:

Start your exercise session with a grounding meditation. Hold the shungite spheres in your hands and close your eyes. Focus on your breath, and visualize any stress or negative energy leaving your body and being absorbed by the shungite.

Energy Balancing:

While sitting or standing comfortably, hold a shungite sphere in each hand. Move the spheres in small circles or figure-eight patterns. This motion is believed by some to help balance energy flow within the body.

Chakra Alignment:

If you're familiar with the concept of chakras, you can use shungite spheres to balance and align them. Place the shungite spheres on specific chakra points or hold them over each chakra while meditating.

EMF Protection Visualization:

If using shungite for its purported EMF protection properties, incorporate a visualization exercise. Envision the shungite forming a protective shield around your body, blocking out harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

Hand Exercises:

Develop hand strength and flexibility by doing hand exercises with the shungite spheres. Squeeze and release the spheres in a rhythmic manner to engage hand muscles.

Mindful Movement:

Combine the use of shungite spheres with mindful movements like Tai Chi or Qigong. Incorporate the spheres into the flowing motions, paying attention to the energy transfer between your hands and the shungite.

Intent Setting:

Before each exercise, set a positive intention or affirmation for your well-being. Focus on this intention as you work with the shungite spheres, reinforcing positive energy.

Always keep in mind that the use of shungite is individual experience and results may vary. It's essential to approach these exercises with an open mind and consider consulting with a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

If you have any questions, please contact Kirill:
kirill.kulikov.shu@gmail.com or Anna: biriuk.anna@gmail.com for any additional information or advice.


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