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Shungite sets for massage and massage pencils

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Healing Properties of Shungite Stones

Our wise ancient ancestors, the Slavs knew and broadly used the healing features of this mineral, which they usually endowed with magical properties: it was considered that shungite and production from it is the best way to retain and increase good health, beauty, youth, and viability. Moreover, shungite stone is:

  • electroconductive;
  • highly absorbing;
  • has a germicidal effect.

Shungite stone is used to penetrate sun rays into the energy field, letting the positive energy to reach the needed area. Shungite has a calming and relaxing influence on anyone utilizing it, and on ones who are nearby. Shungite mineral also improves blood pressure, heals the diseases of the respiratory tract, reduces infections, cleanses the blood and guards from electromagnetic radiation. It can be viewed as a truly miracle-mineral, which you can buy in our shungite online store.

This Russian stone is highly interesting today - this refined mineral is used not just for massage purposes but also for making all types of products, including talismans, bijouterie, pyramids, spheres, stoves that protect from destructive radioactive waves. The most general ornaments of this mineral can improve your health strongly:

  1. Reduce headaches and insomnia;
  2. Help to heal the syndrome of chronic fatigue;
  3. Improve the tone of the entire body.

How to use shungite for massage

Shungite is used in the form of stones, pencils, harmonizers, and fractions for massage of different parts of the body. For example, shungite beads are used for massage for health purposes, as well as to relieve pain and negative energy from the palms. Massage pencils from shungite restore the energy balance of the body.

Separately, we should tell about the foot massage. Only on one foot, there are about 70 reflex zones. Each of them is connected with a certain organ. By influencing certain zones, it is possible to activate the vital activity of the relevant organs. That's why foot massage is a very simple and effective way to relieve stress, tiredness, and pain.

Using a shungite pencil for foot massage due to the unique properties of shungite provides an impact on the human reflex zones. All this is due to the positive energy of the shungite.

Regularly performed foot massage is a good prevention against many diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. It is known that after the first massage sessions are observed a noticeable improvement in well-being and normalization of sleep. Most people experience pain easing in the muscles and joints of legs. Blood circulation is restored, and over anxiety decreases. The use of shungite mineral for a foot massage is absolutely safe and useful for people of all ages.

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