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Shungite pellets

Shungite or the stone of transformation is known for its miraculous properties. It is believed that this rare stone has the capacity to cure, rescue, heal, protect, restore, and even rejuvenate growth. Owing to the growing importance of this rare non-crystalline stone, people have started incorporating it into their products and started selling it in the market. Some of the products are Shungite pyramids, shungite rings, shungite pellets, and much more. If one talks about shungite pellets, then these are actually small pieces of shungite stone cut in uneven shapes. These are very handy and you can easily carry them anywhere you want. 

Shungite pellets

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items

Why should you buy shungite pellets?

Shungite is an ancient stone which is being used by people since ages. It is largely found in the north-western part of Russia and is famous for bearing health-benefiting properties. If you are suffering from unexplained sickness, apathy, stress, weakness, unfortunate events, and similar things then you are probably a victim of the geopathic waves. These are the negative energies that try to harm individual on all levels. By using s shungite stone, you can reduce their effect and start experiencing positive changes. Buying shungite pellets would be a wise option, as they are small in size and available in multiple numbers, so you can even place them in various parts of your house. They have the capacity to convert the negative energies into the positive ones, so after placing these pellets you can relax. These pellets will do the work after that.

Types of Shungite pellets

You can choose from two types of these pellets. Details of each have been discussed below.

  • Polished Pellets: These pellets have a glossy surface and are enough to attract any passerby’s attraction. If you regularly use these pellets, then you can feel that you are evolving spiritually. All the stress and the unexplained sickness that used to bother you before would start disappearing and you would find yourself living in peace. You can even use them for gifting purpose. Since these pellets are good in number, you can purchase one set and gift one each to your friends or acquaintances. It will not only shield you from the harmful electromagnetic frequencies but will also act as a catalyst for growth and transformation.
  • Unpolished Pellets: The only thing that differentiates these pellets from the polished ones is the glossy surface. Whether polished or unpolished, shungite stones contain the same properties. It won’t be incorrect to say that all the properties that are possessed by the polished pellets are also present in the unpolished ones. If you want to promote positivity, boost your energy, normalize your sleep patterns, and also enhance metaphysical abilities, then these pellets are just perfect for you. You can feel the positive changes taking place all around after few days of using these pellets. 

There are many pieces of evidences that show the benefits of using a shungite stone. This rare stone might appear to be small and similar to coal, but its magical properties are worth mentioning. It is capable of changing your life for the better. If you haven’t purchased these pellets yet, then you should definitely one for self. You will surely love your decision of purchasing these pellets in the near future.