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What are Whisky Cubes?

Whisky cubes or stones are small cubes made of clean-cut natural stones that are used to stabilize the taste of whiskey and other spirits. These cubes are available in a variety of sizes and types and are designed to be stored in a freezer. They are added to straight shots of whiskey, scotch, or bourbon, in order to chill the bitter taste without diluting the drink. While it is true that different whiskey drinkers have varying preferences, with some preferring to have little water or even lime juice added to their drink, whiskey cubes quickly lower the bitterness of whiskey while preserving its unadulterated taste.

Since whiskey matures over many years, a bottle of well-matured whiskey is quite pricier and that is why maintaining a good balance of flavors is important. Too much water alter the taste, and that's why you need whiskey cubes, especially the steatite cubes, to eliminate all the danger of too much water; it will give you a tasty, chilled whiskey.

Although they are not as cold as fancy ice cubes, their purpose is to keep your whiskey chilled without diluting it. They are typically made of rock, stainless steel, or quality plastic.

Do Whisky Stones Work?

This question has sparked a hot debate across the whiskey world, and when you do a quick Google search, you will find hundreds of opinions. There are a lot of reports putting across the various pros and cons of whiskey stones, with many whiskey lovers who have tried these cubes upholding their usage. Common negative comments include concerns that the sheer weight of the stones makes the glass heavier, and also they only work well at normal room temperature. Some people also worry that they fear the rock might hit their teeth while some claim that the cleaning required of them outweighs their usefulness. However, most of these negative comments are from people who are yet to buy steatite cube.

Qualities and Materials Used To Make Whiskey Stones

In the past, materials for making whiskey were only restricted to soapstone material, but there are many alternatives on the market at the moment. Here are the main materials used to make whiskey cubes;

  • Plastic Whiskey Stones

This is a cheaper alternative, but many people avoid them because of the dangers associated with plastics. Plastics can react with high-strength alcohol resulting in the release of toxins and fumes that can alter your drink's flavor and pose several health risks to you.

  • Glass Whiskey Cubes

This is a durable material that has good conductive properties. However, they can be prone to bacteria attack especially when they get scratched or chipped. Once they get scratched or chipped, bacteria can grow in the flaked area, which can cause infections if they are not cleaned well.

  • Stainless Steel Whiskey Cubes

They are arguably the best whiskey cubes on the market; they freeze in lesser time and hold their chill. The best thing with these stones is that they do not suffer from condensation.

Not yet convinced to buy steatite products? Here are the advantages of buying steatite cubes

  • They Chill Your Liquor without Dilution

Whiskey cubes are the perfect gift you can give to a man or a woman who loves whiskey. These hand-crafted cubes work just like ice, except that they do not melt. They do not compromise your whiskey. To get the best stones, buy steatite products; they make durable and flavorless stones that will chill down your drink.

  • They Are Odorless, Flavorless and Provides a Sustainable Chill

Ice, being porous, can absorb flavors and odors present in your ice maker or freezer. Those mixed aromas will ooze into your whiskey, which will corrupt its fine, original flavor. Also, ice melts and consequently dilute your drink.

However, with whiskey stones, all these problems are eliminated since they are non-porous and do not melt. Therefore, they will chill your drink without affecting its flavor; this will leave it perfectly balanced.

  • They Are Non-Porous And Do Not Scratch Your Glass

Whiskey stones, especially those made by steatite, are simple to use; you only need to put them in a freezer for several hours and add two or three in your drink. Their relative softness enables them to hold temperature for several hours and won't scratch your glass. Additionally, their natural material is completely safe and has been approved by the FDA. It doesn’t react with household solvents such as alcohol, mild acids, detergents, and water.

Cons of Whiskey Stones

  • People who dislike whiskey stones have reported that it only chills a drink by a very small margin, sometimes only a one or two degrees cooler than a room temperature whiskey.
  • Another complaint is that they make your glass heavier which makes the whole drinking experience less enjoyable, because of having to constantly remind yourself that you have to hold your glass firmly. Also, some people fear that these stones can collide with one’s teeth.
  • Other alternative whiskey cubes made of plastic or steel can pose some health effects.

The Bottom Line

Irrespective of whether or not traditionalists agree with the notion that adding stones is an innovative and great modern trend, the stones do achieve what they are set to do. They are flavorless, odorless, and chill your drink for a couple of hours. Natural, you do not need to use many stones in a glass of whiskey, but even if you use many of them, they will not dilute your alcohol and non-alcoholic beverage or affect its flavor. Besides their sheer functionality, the ornamental properties of these cubes should not be overlooked. Customers or house guests will be intrigued by the uniqueness of whiskey cubes.

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