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How to become our partner?

Becoming a partner with World of Shungite online store involves various possibilities depending on what kind of partnership you're seeking. Here's a general outline of how you might explore partnership opportunities:

1. Reach Out: Contact the store's managers via email or through a contact form on our website. Inquire about partnership opportunities and express your interest in collaborating.

2. Provide Details: Introduce yourself or your company, stating your intention to become a partner. Share relevant information about your business, expertise, or proposal for collaboration.

3. Reselling: If you're interested in reselling Shungite products through your channels, specify this in your communication. Outline your existing network, market reach, and how you envision promoting and selling the products.

4. Negotiation: Once we establish contact, discuss the terms, expectations, and any specific agreements or contracts associated with the partnership. Ensure clarity on both sides regarding responsibilities, timelines, and any legal or financial aspects involved in the partnership.

5. Agreements: After reaching an understanding, formalize the partnership through a written agreement. Ensure all terms and conditions are agreed upon by both parties.

6. Regular Communication: Maintain open communication channels to address any issues, track progress, and make adjustments as needed to ensure the success of the partnership.

7. Feedback and Evaluation: Periodically review the partnership's performance and discuss any improvements or changes that could enhance the collaboration.


Why become our partner?

We believe that a partnership with World of Shungite online store offers numerous advantages, fostering a mutually beneficial collaboration. Here are compelling reasons to consider becoming our partner:

1. High-Quality Shungite Products

We take pride in offering premium Shungite products known for their authenticity and effectiveness. Partnering with us means aligning with a brand committed to delivering high-quality items.

2. Diverse Product Range

Our store offers a diverse range of Shungite products, catering to various preferences and needs. As a partner, you gain access to a broad inventory that can appeal to a wide audience.

3. Competitive Pricing and Margins

Benefit from competitive pricing structures, allowing you to remain competitive in the market while still maintaining healthy profit margins.

4. Dedicated Support

Enjoy the support of a dedicated team that is responsive to your queries, concerns, and assistance needs throughout our partnership.

5. Growing Market Demand

Shungite products are gaining popularity due to their perceived health benefits and unique properties. Partnering with us allows you to tap into a growing market demand.

6. Opportunity for Innovation

If interested in joint ventures, you have the opportunity to collaborate on innovative projects, introducing new and unique Shungite-based products to the market.

7. Long-Term Partnership

We aim to establish long-term relationships with our partners, working together to achieve mutual success and growth.

Join us in spreading the benefits of Shungite products and contributing to a healthier lifestyle. Contact us to explore the specific partnership opportunities and how we can work together for shared success.

Contact information:

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+79535299173 – Kirill

+79116619625 – Anna





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