Silky velvet cream for intensive nutrition and restoration of skin during the night


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  • Volume 75ml.

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Regenerating cream formula-velvet with a thick texture and delicate aroma intensively nourishes, eliminates peeling, makes the skin soft and elastic, deeply moisturizes and regenerates the skin of the hands during the night. Oil incense soothes the skin, relieves inflammation, has healing effect, promotes regeneration and regeneration of tissues. Oil of Siberian cedar taiga actively nourishes the skin, has a wound-healing and bactericidal properties. Karelian shungite has a powerful antioxidant effect, nourishes the skin cells with necessary microelements, accelerates the process of regeneration. Cream is designed on the basis of certified ECOCERT, which does not contain Ethoxylates, has a natural moisturizing factor that keeps the skin well hydrated, soft and supple for a long time.