Сreams with shungite

Are you looking for a reliable store from where you can purchase original shungite creams? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. This online store supplies an extensive range of natural shungite creams. Each of them is prepared from natural shungite (a black-colored stone with unique formation) that's only found in the Zazhoginskoye mine of Karelia.

Сreams with shungite

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Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items

Product Description of Shungite Creams written by: Sophia Iwriter

The available shungite creams are broadly classified into five distinct categories. Detailed descriptions are provided below so that you can easily purchase your ideal product.

I) Shungite Creams for Joints: These products will be ideal if you are facing painful sensation (like myositis, radiculitis, joint pains, or neuralgia). These products are designed to reduce the degree of painful sensation in your nervous system. Even more, they can effectively reduce the stiffness of your muscle joints, simply by stimulating blood flow in those affected body parts. In this way, the "Shungite Creams for Joints" can offer a great relief from swelling, muscle pain, and inflammation.

II) Shungite Hand Creams: The primary component of these products is Karelian shungite that features a powerful antioxidant effect. As a result, these hand creams will naturally accelerate the process of regeneration of new cells. These products come with a special formula that can preserve and enhance the beauty of your hands. Shungite Hand Creams will moisturize and stimulate the synthesis of collagen and make your skin more soft, supple, and elastic.

III) Shungite Foot Creams: These products feature a superior formula that can soothe, relax, refresh, and rejuvenate the skin of your feet. Shungite Foot Creams are ideal for a refreshing foot massage. Not only these shungite creams will nourish your skin cells with potent microelements, but also the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property of shungite will offer wound-healing benefits. 

IV) Shungite Healthy - Preventive Creams: If you are looking for powerful shungite creams for preventive measures, then these products will be so apt for you. For example, these creams are ideal to offer you a relief from spine osteochondrosis, muscle pain, and sprains. On top of that, these creams can excellently improve blood circulation and relieve stress. Since these creams are made of natural shungite; its antioxidant properties will block the oxidation process of your cells. Therefore, in turn, your cells will be protected from free radicals. Few products in this category contain essential oils in order to offer quick healing effect.

V) Shungite Face Creams: Are you looking for the best face creams? Well, you can now find a plenty of high-quality face creams in this category. As the name implies, Shungite Face Creams are made of highly active Karelian shungite and they can protect your skin cells from harmful bacteria and fungi. These products soothe or provide a cooling effect on your skin. They accelerate the renewal process of skin cells and protect them from dryness, roughness, and hazardous external influences.

How to Buy Shungite Creams?

With this, you have revealed five major categories of shungite creams. You can easily purchase them from the online store of "The World of Shungite."

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