Shungite stone harmonizers

Since time immemorial, harmonizers have been used by several individuals for correcting the imbalances in our body’s energy level. It has also been extensively used for revitalizing and restoring the vitality in our system. First conceptualized by the ancient Egyptians, shungite harmonizer, also known as the yun harmonizer should be held in your left hand for connecting with a proper flow of lunar energy. This harmonizer of shungite will then act as a catalyst to reinforce the energy of your Steatite harmonizer, held in your right hand. The Steatite harmonizer, also known as the yang or the ka harmonizer is said to act as a bridge assisting in the flow of solar or male energy.

Shungite stone harmonizers

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What exactly are harmonizers?

Mineral harmonizers are an extremely potent energy tool which is used for correcting the imbalances in the energy level of our body. It is used in pairs for revitalizing our system and rejuvenating it. The very concept of using harmonizers dates back to the ancient Egypt, where the pharaohs used these products to attain inner peace. Most of the paintings of the early Pharaohs depict them with two cylinders in both their hands. While doing this, they were also surrounded by the divinities which symbolized the male and the female energy polarities. Widely known as the ba and the ka, these polarities were said to be the most essential source of vital energy. While the ka cylinder held in their right hand represented the flow of solar or masculine energy, the ba cylinder held in their left hand symbolized the flow of feminine or lunar energy. 

Why should one use the Shungite Harmonizer?

Shungite harmonizers are primarily used for correcting your body’s energy level. It will re-infuse a sense of positivity within you, and help you to achieve your goals faster. The positive vibrations will also help you in achieving inner peace. A shungite harmonizer usually comes in a set of two, where you also get an additional steatite harmonizer. Known as the ba or the yin cylinder, the shungite harmonizer should then be held in your left hand. Likewise, the steatite or the ka harmonizer should be held in your right hand. Both these harmonizers will then intersperse for producing a high-energy and incredibly potent vibration which will holistically improve your body. 

When you consistently use a shungite harmonizer, you will automatically be able to correct the energy imbalance or blockages in your system. At the same time, you will also get to restore the healthy and positive flow of energy, which will impact your body in a great way. Considering the numerous benefits, they come with, several medical practitioners recommend patients to use this tool when they are experiencing a life altering treatment against ailments like cancer, addiction, auto-immune ailments and so on.  

How to use a shungite harmonizer?

Using real shungite harmonizers are quite simple. Here are the steps that you are required to follow. 

  • Begin by sitting in a completely relaxed position. You can either keep your legs uncrossed or sit on a comfortable sofa or chair. 
  • Once you reach your desired position, hold the shungite harmonizer in your left one and the matte, steatite harmonizer in your right hand. 
  • Now gently place them on your knees and hold them right before you. Make sure the harmonizers are completely parallel while you do this. 
  • Begin by holding these harmonizers for about three to five minutes when you start out.
  • After this, slowly start moving them for around ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Once you do this on a daily basis, you will realize that the impact will persist for around two days. 
  • It is highly recommended that when you do start using these harmonizers; use them twice a day for two weeks. 
  • Once you complete two weeks, follow this up with a break for two more weeks. 

How to set your intention while using the harmonizer?

  • Begin by holding the harmonizer in both your hands.
  • Now, try breathing as much as you can in the presence of white light.
  • Once you do this, you will soon be able to visualize your intention towards the crystal.
  • At this point, you can also speak of your intention loudly to reinforce it more powerfully.
  • After you complete this, your crystal will soon be ready to carry out your specified intention. 

So, now that you know everything about shungite harmonizers, use them frequently to enjoy better health and achieve your desired results.