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Cylinder harmonizers

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Cylindrical harmonizers, sometimes called as the wand pf Pharaoh. Shungite harmonizers are intended to restore strength and energy balance.

Ancient Egyptians believed that cylindrical objects possess the power to transfer the energy of human body into a high energy state. Consequently, all processes in the human body will be harmonized.

Cylinders have a wide range of physiotherapeutic properties, which are explained by scientific concept called “The Volta potential”. Therefore, cylinders have a beneficial impact on various human organs and energy processes.

Scientists and bioenergetics believe, cylinders create a protective energy field around a person. It can protect against various negative influences.

One should hold the shungite cylinder in the left hand whereas soapstone should be held in the right. Take a sitting position and relax. Put both hands with cylinders on your knees, do not cross your legs. The cylinders should be parallel to each other, close your eyes, relax, and concentrate.

Each session is individual and varies from person to person. It is recommended to begin from 3-5 minutes and gradually increase up to 10-15 minutes. The effect of harmonization can last up to two days.

One can use the cylinders in the morning and in the evening from two to three weeks. Then it is recommended to take a month break.

Warning. Shungite cylinders are the objects of high energy, therefore, they are not recommended for those who suffer from heart disease, stroke, neuropsychiatric disorders. In addition, people with narcotic intoxication, with high fever, pregnant women.

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