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Shungite bijouterie and jewelry

You can find high quality shungite jewelry in our online store. All products are made of natural stone, which has special properties. Needless to say, shungite jewelry works as amulets, talismans and it provides the opportunity to support health.

About the mineral

Shungite is a rock of organic origin. It was formed millions of years ago as a result of the conversion of sediments into carbon. The stone is similar in structure to graphite. Shungite jewelry has benefits, various properties and unique characteristics. The unusual structure of the mineral protects against radiation, activates and purifies water.

The mineral is extracted in Karelia – this is the only verified place on the planet where its deposits were discovered. One theory claims that shungite has an extraterrestrial origin when billions of years ago a meteorite hit the planet.

Shungite has many useful properties. This mineral has a distinctive composition. It protects against geopathogenic and electromagnetic radiation that surround people everywhere. Wearing shungite products helps to get rid of negative influences, it can align the energy.

The mineral has a variety of properties that were discovered in ancient times. The tribes who lived in the territories of shungite deposits believed that one can embrace the power of the stone just by touching it.


Shungite jewelry is gaining popularity. Talismans and amulets are used to protect a person. They allow you to feel psychological calm. Decoration will raise the vitality, mood, protect from negative influences. It is important to get shungite in contact with the body.

Regular wearing of shungite jewelry will allow to normalize the work of all systems. It can return a biofield to normal state. Shungite jewelry is also used quite often in folk medicine. At night, it is recommended to take them off. One should wear shungite jewelry right after bed time.

Talismans and amulets made of shungite have the following positive impacts:

  • Give psychological peace of mind;
  • Lift the mood;
  • Increase vitality;
  • Protect against negative factors.

The stone has magical properties. Shungite jewelry helps to accumulate vital energy, serves as a barrier from negative information coming to a person. Amulets relieve fears, protect from black forces, give a sense of peace and tranquility. Shungite helps people be young, active and energetic for a long time.

The catalog has shungite jewelry with a detailed description and prices. Our managers will be glad to answer your questions. Feel free to contact them.

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