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Shungite bracelets

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You can find a big number of shungite bracelets in our online store. There are various models of products, everyone can find a good looking and suitable product for oneself.

The wrist is an important area for health, as there are many biologically active points associated with the vascular, digestive, nervous, respiratory and other systems. Proper exposure on these points creates a good effect. An example of this practice is an acupuncture. Wrist are often used to wear jewelry on.

Bracelets can be made of minerals, metals, and other materials. These days shungite is gaining huge popularity. This is attributed to unusual properties of the mineral, which normalize the work of the body.


Shungite is a mineral with unique properties. Its uncommon structure based on fullerenes allows it to conduct electricity. It contributes to protection of a person from magnetic and geopathic waves. As a result, the constant radiation from household appliances is greatly mitigated. Needless to say, nowadays electric devices are presented in every apartment and workplace. Shungite helps to bring the human biofield in order.

Shungite is a beautiful stone of a coal-black color. It was formed long time ago in the depths of the planet. This stone has unique properties. Scientists are convinced that this mineral was formed more than two billion years ago. Shungite jewelry looks stylish and noble. Here you can find shungite bracelets for women and men.


Peculiar characteristics of the mineral bring very specific properties to the products that are made of it. Regular wearing of shungite bracelets allows you to:

  • Minimize harm from EMF radiation emitted by household devices;
  • Clean up the biofield;
  • Provide full self-regulation of the energy background;
  • Have a positive effect on your hands;
  • Normalize the functioning of the nervous system;
  • Recover a body in cases of nervous disorders and heart diseases.

Shungite bracelets help to saturate the body with energy, eliminate weakness, and increase productivity. Shungite bracelets can normalize sleep, absorb excess energy.

Wearing shungite bracelets helps the physical body and also provides protection from various invisible distractions. Not only does shungite bracelet look good, but it also transforms into a so-called talisman that brings success, protection, and strength. The stone eliminates the effects of dark magic. It is recommended to wear shungite bracelets for those who constantly face and communicate with other people on working and disputed matters.

You can buy products of various designs in our web shop. If you still have questions, feel free to ask our managers.

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