Unpolished shungite cube 20 cm


$ 200.20


  • Cube is a volume geometric figure, a regular polyhedron.
  • The name "cube" has come to us from two languages: the ancient Romans called this figure "Kubus", and the ancient Greeks - "Kubos."
  • The edge length 20cm
  • Weight 23kg

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Write a review

Unpolished shungite cube has a beautiful aesthetic appearance. Unpolished cube differs from polished only by matt surface. As a pyramid or a ball, shungite cube is perfect as a gift for home or office. Moreover, cube can be used as an original support.
Shungite cubes create a unique atmosphere, protect against numerous electromagnetic radiation and neutralize the effect of geopathic zones. Constant exposure of shungite cubes planes energy levels, strengthens the biofield, normalizes the brain function and supports emotional calm.