Shungite for water well 1 kg


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  • Size of stones 4-8cm.
  • Weight 1kg.
  • Minimum order 10kg

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Shungite for water cleaning in a well is represented in a form of small pieces of stones. The size of these stones is from 5 to 12 cm.

After the filling up the shungite to the well occur the sorption (absorption) of the heavy metals (mainly the iron), disappearance of the various organic and inorganic impurities and also the extinction of viruses and turbidity in water. Moreover, shungite mineralizes water in order that people could use the pure water during their meal. The efficiency of shungite as sorbent is higher than sand or some other sorbents in dozens of times. Filtration cycle substrate is increased about 10 times.

The recommend height of shungite in the well is about 20 to 50 cm, in this case it would be better to put into the well approximately 200 to 500 kg of shungite (with the diameter of the ring in the well - 1 meter).

Before the filling up the well of shungite is necessary to evacuate the water from the well and take out the sand and gravel substrate. Therefore this process will occur to the extinction of impurities in the substrate. Following that, it is important to put down the new sand and gravel substrate and then cover it with shungite.  Water will be flow through the sand and gravel streak for the primary refinement thereupon, water will be flow to the more detailed refinement from admixtures.

The consequences of the shungite usage will lead to the better water transparency, the decontamination and the removal of iron and turbidity. Thanks to the fullerene basis of shungite and as a result of the insisting on its water in the well, it will be transmitted helpful (therapeutic) properties of the natural mineral.