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Shungite unpolished high pyramid 8 cm

Model: ANG8

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  • The shungite pyramid is an excellent remedy against the electromagnetic radiation and the geopathic electrical phenomena. The pyramid helps cleanse, mineralization and water purification.
  • The pyramid's radius of action - 6,5 meters.
  • The facet length of foundation - 8 cm.
  • The height 14-15cm.
  • The weight of pyramid - 350 gr. 

Unpolished pyramids differ from polished pyramids only by mat surface. The pyramids can be made from different materials and have different proportions. Discussions about that the pyramid can or cannot have a proper size are groundless. The strength of pyramid’s impact depends on the size, angle of rise above the surface, as well as the material, from which it is made. All of those scientific evidence that prove unexplained qualities of pyramids can be related to shungite pyramids. In this case, the magical power of pyramids is multiplied by the unusual properties of shungite rock. Pyramids from shungite are made in strictly defined proportions sides and angles (by the principle of the golden section); these pyramids have a strong energy impact on all living creatures and even inanimate objects. It is vindicated that the radius of the "positive" bio field around shungite pyramids exceeds the range of the pyramids made of other minerals. Therefore, the radius of action of the shungite pyramids is 1.5 times greater than quartz, lapis lazuli, and jade pyramids. By adjusting the amount of vitality, the shungite pyramid charges organism by bioenergy. The pyramid’s energy field, which is tuned to a specific frequency, interacts with the body on the principle of feedback. Pyramid tunes on the frequency of cells and enters into resonance. Thus, shungite pyramid helps to achieve energy balance. As a result of regular usage, the energy of the organism is aligned. The bio field is charged and strengthened. A person who is in relaxed state receives the greatest impact of the pyramid. To achieve this you should sit comfortably on a chair, legs should not be crossed and put your hands on the knees with palms up. Then, put one hand over another. After that, take the pyramid on the upper palm. Close your eyes and focus on your feelings. In few minutes, you might feel slight pulsing and warmth in your palms. Then comes the muscular and nervous relaxation, a sense of lightness and weightlessness in the whole body.

  • Height:14-15см
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