Pendant "Flower of life" (circle) with laser engraving


$ 1.75



  • Diameter: 30mm. 
  • Thickness: 4mm. 
  • Weight: 5g.

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The pendant for the shungite stone influence on the whole body by constant wearing it. The shungite pendant helps to equalize and to regulate the overall energy background. A piece of shungite normalizes streaming of nervous process in human bodies, increases working capacity and nervous stability. Shungite pendants are helpful in thyroid gland diseases, vegetative vascular dystonia and reduced life tonus.

Laser engraving is a method of applying an image on a product's surface by using a laser beam. The laser beam facilitates the evaporation of a very thin layer of material from the product. Laser engraving has a very high-quality image resolution and contributes to the creation of very persistent images.

Pendants with laser engraving favorably differ from simple pendants with a painted image. They retain the engraved drawing for a long time and become voluminous.

During laser burning, the upper layer of the stone burns out, which reveals the quartz and pyrite veins in the shungite. This speaks about the unusual properties of the stone.