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Shungite pendants
Shungite is considered to possess metaphysical properties to provide healing and protection against negative forces. Black is always considered to a color that is used for protection and defense in western magic as any spell of magic can be quelled in the darkness. The shungite stones are black crystalline stones that could be a potent weapon against negative energy and bad luck.

Shungite pendants

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Showing 1 - 12 of 27 items

The shungite stone pendant also contains some properties to conduct electricity that is great during meditation and also acts as an amplifier in magic. It helps to conduct all your energy together and also to focus your mental energy on a specific goal. It provides you with the positive energy and mental strength to achieve towards your goal easily and quickly. It has the magical abilities to keep your energy altogether and stay focussed towards only your goal and no energy goes astray.

Shungite Pendant for Healing

The shungite stones have been around for 2 billion years and even the great Czar of Russia, Peter I is believed to drink water purified using shungite stones to improve his health and keep him focussed and concentrated all the time. Active charcoal is considered to possess great beneficial effects as it is widely used in cosmetic and beauty products worldwide. Shungite also has a similar atomic structure of charcoal as both are considered to have high levels of carbon in them. If charcoal has only health benefits, the fullerenes present in shungite stones make them way ahead of charcoal as it comes with both health benefits as well as healing effects.

It is proven by many scientists and researchers across worldwide that these shungite stones can definitely eliminate all kinds of negative forces surrounding you and only allows only the positive vibrations to reach you all the time if you are wearing a shungite stone in size or shape. Shungite Pendants are available in different price ranges and looks attractive when wearing on your body. It is also helpful in easing your stress levels, curing insomnia, reducing your anxiety and also protects you from acne or any kind of inflammation.

How Will Shungite Stone Pendant Help You?

Shungite is a great product to help in purification and protection. The black color and the fullerenes present in these stones will suck up all kinds of negative energy present around and hence protect you from all kinds of bad energy and black forces affect you. The elite shungite pendant is extremely beneficial to people who are dealing with people who instigate negative energy on you or provide a lot of stress upon you for their benefits. There are always some people around you to always bring you down at some point and buying a shungite pendant for sale from online stores and wearing it on your body can positively negate those forces from affecting at all levels. It also helps in boosting your energy levels to a great extent to keep you active throughout the day and help you focus on achieving your goals to a great extent.