Shungite beads bulk

Black beads that are sold in our online store - made of shungite. These beads have been found to protect people from geopathic stress. Over the years humans have collected enough written testimony which documents various benefits of the metaphysical properties showcased by Shungite. People across the globe have started using the mineral for purifying water and reaping the benefits of different healing properties it has. More and more people are looking to buy Shungite beads for purifying and detoxifying their body by getting rid of all the negative energies and everything that can be hazardous for their health. These stone beads work by infusing the user’s aura with his/her surrounding light and allow just the positive energies to enter the individual’s body. 

Shungite beads bulk

The beads can also be described as highly powerful protection tools. They are particularly instrumental in protecting users from geopathic stress and electromotive force (EMF). If you keep a few Shungite beads near your electronic devices (these may include cell phone, computer, television, microwave oven etc.), you will surely stay protected from the harmful EMF emitted by those units. This is a real big thing as you must know that recent years have seen a number of studies reveal the adverse effects of using the above mentioned electronic devices for a prolonged period of time. Are you wondering what makes Shungite such a powerful mineraloid? Researchers suggest that the key lies in its non-crystalline carbon mineral base. Read on to know more about Shungite beads. 

How do the beads work? 

The primary job of the Shungite beads is cleansing and aligning all essential particles in human body. This allows those particles to open up and stay in the right alignment with light. The cleansing, detoxifying, and purifying properties for the beads, on the other hand, make them effective tools for eliminating all kinds of dysfunctional patterns from human body. Here, it must be noted that these dysfunctional patterns are usually the main factors responsible for emotional difficulties, negativity, and many diseases. Placing a few of these beads on the affected area of your body would slowly help you in getting relieved from the discomfort caused by dysfunctional patterns. For more comprehensive healing, you should meditate holding the beads instead of focusing on any specific body part. Shungite beads are also known to be amazingly effective as anxiety and stress relievers; they are often used for boosting energy level and soothing insomnia.  

Studies conducted over the years have revealed that placing Shungite beads in drinking water besides purifying the water provides people drinking it with a plethora of health benefits. People who are planning to try out this technique of using Shungite beads must know that the characteristic carbon structure of the mineraloid might result in presence of some blackish residue in water treated with the beads. However, top manufacturers and retailers always have beads structured specially for being submerged in water. The biggest specialty of those beads is that they don’t leave carbon residue, but offer all the desired benefits of Shungite. 

Types of Shungite beads 

  1. Polished placer of beads: These beads have been structures particularly for users who are looking to use Shungite for cleansing, mineralizing, and purifying water. Do you stay in a place that has a history of people falling sick due to the low quality of water? This happens mostly due to the geopathic stress water in some regions gets subjected to. The easiest way of getting rid of the problem in by using polished placer of beads. Encourage everyone in your area of buy polished Shungite beads bulk. Placing the beads in drinking water would help in negating the bad effects of geopathic waves on the water source used by you and other residents of your area. You will get Shungite beads of various sizes. Their diameter range between 6 mm and 12 mm. Their body weights, on the other hand, range between 0.5 gram and 1 gram. 
  2. Unpolished placer of beads: The only difference between the unpolished Shungite beads and the polished ones lies in their appearance. All the other properties of the unpolished beads are same as that of the polished placer of beads. These beads, however, are mostly used for enabling body detoxification through direct touch. In other words, you will enjoy amazing benefits by placing the beads on body parts experiencing some form of discomfort.