Figures from shungite
The figure of mineral shungite

Few pieces of art make our guest take notice like shungite figurines. If you’re wondering what they are, they’re figurines carved of a material called shungite. Made up of 98 percent carbon with a bit of quartz and other minerals, it is named after a town in the Karelia area of Russia. The carbon is said to be in the shape of fullerenes, which can be tubes or spheres or other lovely and unusual shapes. Does this give a shungite figure special powers? No one knows for sure, but it has been used to purify water since at least the 18th century by no less a personage than Peter the Great.

The figure of mineral shungite

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Showing 1 - 12 of 53 items

You Can't Resist These Shungite Figurines

Why We Love Them

But we love this mineraloid because it is soft enough to be carved into the most beautiful figurines. These figures from shungite can include puppies, turtles, birds, angels and others. The figurines can be touchingly realistic, like a cat stalking its prey or scratching its face. They can be playful, like an owl playing a drum, a frog sitting on a bed of coins or a mermaid. What they all are is irresistible. You won’t be able to choose just one, and fairly soon you will have a collection.

Please Touch

They also have textures that beg to be touched. Delight in the roughened feel of the fur of a bear or a cat rendered in shungite! Stroke the smooth contours of a polished puppy and kitten figurine. That’s another thing about shungite mineral figures. A figurine can have a lovely matte finish or can be polished until it shines like a black mirror. Some have both. Notice how the eyes of an otherwise rough hewn puppy or kitten or even the nose of a bear cub gleam like obsidian.

Great for the Home

Place these shungite figurines your curio cabinet, especially if it’s lit from within. Arrange a grouping on a sofa table or a lamp table, or put a couple in your china closet. Add some flowers, and they’ll make a terrific centerpiece. You will enjoy your lovely shungite figurines for years to come.