Pyramid "Wealth"


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The shungite pyramid is an excellent remedy against the electromagnetic radiation and the geopathic electrical phenomena. The pyramid helps cleanse, mineralization and water purification.
The pyramid's radius of action - 2,8 meters.
The facet length of foundation - 5 cm.
The weight of pyramid - 85 gr. 

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There is one method of living, which came from ancient China. It teaches how to live in harmony with the Earth and the nam of that method is Feng-Shui. Depending on the image, signs can seriously increase your revenues, improve the material well-being, look after your health and strengthen your love. They are in charge with the aspirations of people, which provide opportunities for progress and prosperity that increases the chances of winning, promotion and success.
Hieroglyph "Wealth" is the augmentation of the condition and the attraction of material benefits. In order to raise revenue, place this hieroglyph in the area of wealth. It corresponds to the southeastern sector. It also would be good if you place it in any "money" places – in purse or in safe. In addition to gaining of material well-being, hieroglyph "Wealth" attracts spiritual benefits. It will create a positive energy in homes and offices. Like the other hieroglyphs, it is customary to give it to family and friends. The more good you want, the more you get.