Warming cream for legs


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  • Volume 75ml.

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Warming the formula of the cream nice wrap Your feet warm and give the feeling of comfort. Stimulates blood circulation, gently warms, eliminates syndrome «cold feet». Highly active Karelian shungite, has a powerful antioxidant effect, improves blood microcirculation, nourishes skin cells with necessary microelements, speeds up the update process and epithelization. Rutin strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Oil: flax, sunflower, cocoa nourish and moisturize the skin, has anti-inflammatory and wound-healing action. Extracts of horse chestnut, St. John's wort strengthen the walls of blood vessels, have anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties, restore the skin integument. Extract of red pepper has excellent warming effect, improves blood circulation. Natural essential oils: taiga fir, rosemary,allantoin, camphor have antiseptic, immunomodulatory, warming action.