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As a race, we humans have been constantly working on providing a more comfortable lifestyle for ourselves. Whilst many improvements have been made, and technology has greatly lessened our everyday burdens, the natural environment on which we depend to sustain us is suffering the consequences of industrialization. In particular, our water sources have been contaminated and this is taking a toll on our health. 

Shungite water filter

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Shungite - an Ancient Stone

Shungite is a black mineral much like a graphite, containing more than 98% carbon. Formed in the earth 2 billion years ago, this stone has received fame for being a powerful water cleanser. Its properties were utilized in the 18th century when Peter the Great gave each of his soldiers a shungite rock to put in their drinking water to prevent contamination and disease. The rock contains fullerenes, some of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet, capable of ridding the body of harmful chemicals and free radicals

Shungite Stones for Water

Shungite stones are widely used to naturally filter, clean and mineralize water. Drinking shungite water gives you not only a fresh taste to water, but also leaves into the water its healing properties. Using a shungite filter infuses the water with elements which help relieve skin problems, allergies, digestive issues, anemia, and common colds. 

Different Types of Shungite

There are three different types of shungite stones depending on the percentage of carbon found in each one. There are two types of regular shungite - type 3 which contains 30-50% of carbon and type 2 which contains 50-90% carbon. The type 1 shungite is known as elite shungite stone, with more than 90% of carbon in it. This type 1 has a silvery surface and high purifying properties. 

Effects of Shuningite Water

Drinking shungite filtered water gives all-around positive effects. Those who have taken it see a noticeable improvement in the elasticity of their skin. The disappearance of acne, rashes and other skin problems is a visible sign of the healing effect of the water. A stronger and shinier hair, healed cuts and burns, disappearing varicose veins are some of the effects that can be seen on the outside as a reflection of the healing processes happening inside the body.

Shungite is a product with many positive effects. The product can be ordered online and delivered straight to your home so that you too can take a piece of this healing power of nature.