Powder and paste
Powder and paste from shungite

Shungite powder is often touted to be one of the most widely used products made from shungite. Whether it is agriculture or healthcare; construction or the beauty industry- this product is extensively incorporated in almost every sphere of our lives. But what is exactly is shungite paste/powder and how does it affect us? In case you’re looking to find an answer to these questions- here’s everything that you need to know about it.

Powder and paste from shungite

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What is shungite powder and/or paste?

Shungite powder is created when shungite minerals are crushed in fine friction with the help of specialized equipments. At times, shungite stones are also milled to make the powder tad finer. Currently, real shungite powder is available throughout the market in various sizes. It’s most widely available size, however, is around 1-5 mm. This size is not only easy to produce, but it is also equally easy to handle. The item is also available in paste, which is formulated by combining shungite and water in a ratio of 1:2. The elements are thoroughly blended to reach the correct consistency, and make the paste creamier. Both shungite powder and paste comes with several unique protective properties. This is also one of the primary reasons why it is extensively used in varied domains.

What are the benefits of shungite?

Shungite is extremely beneficial in healthcare, beauty, agricultural and construction industries. Following is a detailed insight on some of its benefits.

Healthcare and beauty

One of the primary benefits of this mineral is the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory property it comes with. These properties play a vital role in treating acnes, inflammatory issues, rashes and similar other skin problems. On top of this, it can also speed up your metabolism and level of blood circulation while nourishing and regenerating your issues. Shungite has a significant calming effect, and its powdered variant is often used for treating sprains, strains, osteochondrosis and so on. Here are some additional health benefits of this product:

  • Restores your overall emotional balance.
  • Induces positivity while protecting you from every kind of negative energy.
  • Protects you from the dangerous electro frequencies of computers, mobile phones, internet towers, T V and so on.
  • Assists in the rejuvenation of your cells.
  • Acts as a catalyst, aiding in your holistic growth and transformation.
  • Grounds your energies to the universe.
  • Infuses energy in your system.
  • Assists in treating insomnia.
  • Enhances your overall vibration.
  • Helps you heal on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level.

How to apply shungite powder/paste on your skin?

While shungite powder can be physically ingested, the paste can also be applied on your skin for treating dermatological issues. Follow these steps to avail the maximum benefits from this product.

  • Begin by evenly applying shungite paste on the affected areas of your body.
  • Now, cover that area with a clean, soft cloth and leave for at least one to two hours.
  • After the paste dries up, gently rinse it with warm water. You can also use cotton balls and olive oil for this step.

If you’re planning to use shungite powder, start by:

  • Adding this powder to your regular face cream or hand cream.
  • Once the mixture gains proper consistency, apply it on your clean, dry skin.
  • Gently rub the cream.
  • Finally, whisk it off with a clean tissue.

If you repeat this process from time to time, it will significantly enhance your overall appearance.

Agriculture and construction

  • When it comes to construction, this product is used for creating conductive paints, strong plasters and mortars. It is also used in interior designing for its pitch black shade and protection from electromagnetic radiation.
  • Shungite powder is extensively spread in sinks, water cartridges and filters for purifying water.
  • When combined with other relevant organic fertilizers, the mineral increases the fertility of soil and maintains its sustainable quality.

So if you’re really looking forward to enjoy holistic development in every sphere of your life, buy the shungite powder for sale right away.