Belts, rugs, patches
Belts, rugs, patches from shungite

Have you ever heard of the stone named Shugnite? Then you must know about it because of the versatile benefits it has to offer. If you are looking for the best belts, patches and mats for healing purpose, then you must consider the rugs and belts with shugnite. It is a very powerful stone which is also known as miracle stone. It has some incredible healing properties that will help you to transform a lot in your life. This is often considered as the stone of alchemy that helps to heal, purify, protect, restore, normalize and stimulate the growth of the person. Thus, belts rugs and patches made up of this stone can be very much beneficial for using. It has the power to kill anything that has a negative energy and can harm people or other living beings.

Belts, rugs, patches from shungite

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

How Can Shugnite Belt, Rugs & Patches Be Beneficial?

The World of Shugnite is the best place where you can find some interesting and very useful products made up of shugnite. Healing Shugnite belt can be a great brace for your waist. It is a powerful element that can heal your back problem very easily. Since this mineral is electro conductive in nature it can have a good effect on your back. You can experience it after using for few days. Thus, not only belts, even you will get kneepads, elbow guards etc. from this store. All of these products contain shugnite in them that can help in rejuvenation of cell, increase power, grown and transformation along with removing the negative thoughts and energies. 

Even if you are looking for the best patches and rugs for your house, then it is recommended to choose the shugnite rugs. With the help of this rug you can bring positivity, spirituality and power into your house. The shugnite has a great bactericidal effect that can effectively boosts your energy. It even clears the aura and chakras, helping them to balance properly for better functioning of the body. If you have rugs and patches made of shugnite in your house then it will bring immense positivity, raise vibration, increase personal power, normalize your sleep, kill negativity, rejuvenate you and restore the emotional balance.

What Are The Shugnite Rugs & Belts Made From?

The Shugnite patches, belts and rugs are made up of various important and natural ingredients that are really helpful for your body and soul to calm down. Here are the materials that are used to compose or manufacture these rugs and belts:

  • Carbon – 30 % of this material is used in the shugnite belts and patches;
  • Quartz – Almost 45% of this is used in manufacturing the belts and rugs;
  • Composite Silicates – Here, both chlorites and micas are used in 20% altogether for the belts and rugs;
  • Sulphate – Last, but one of the important materials used in these belts is sulphate and only 3% is used here.

Benefits Of Shugnite

As mentioned earlier, shugnite is a very powerful stone which can effectively help in improving and uplifting the overall life of the people. It has a great impact on the people’s life because of the amazing properties. The popularity of this element is increasing every day and the reason behind this is its numerous benefits that it has to offer. 

Who Must Use These Belts & Rugs?

This healing shugnite belt and rugs are of great help for the people who are suffering from lack of energy and lot of physical or emotional pain. Even if you are suffering from too much anxiety and stress then this can be a great belt for you.