Black Necklace from shungite mineral

The shungite necklace, also known as the black necklace from shungite, plays a vital role in facilitating your overall physical healing. This necklace also assists in root chakra healing which further purifies and detoxifies your system. When you wear this necklace, you will automatically enjoy superior balance within your energy field. The minerals that go into making this product will ensure that your body is free from any impending energy imbalances thereby protecting from negative vibrations and impacts. The necklace comes with a powerful crystal that aids in transforming and neutralizing the dangerous electromagnetic energy. In case you’re still wondering how this necklace is going to help you- here is everything that you need to know about it. 

Black Necklace from shungite mineral

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What is a shungite necklace made from?

Shungite neckpieces are usually crafted from black shungite that come with around fifty to seventy percent or organic carbon. This carbon heals your body and protects it from negative forces. But what is so special about shungite? Well, this mineral is incredibly special because it happens to be the only naturally occurring mineral that is rich in fullerness, which again is a specific molecular formation of carbon, designed to act as a potent and incredibly long-lasting antioxidant. Natural fullerness not merely reduces the concentration of free radicals more than every other antioxidant, but it also lasts significantly long. 

The natural fullerness which is obtained from shungite is also used for normalizing the cellular metabolism, increasing the activities on an enzymatic level, stimulating the tissues’ ability for cellular regeneration, increasing our inherent cellular resistance and so on. The element also comes with several anti-inflammatory functions and can detoxify and neutralize any toxin within your system. 

Why should you wear a shungite protect necklace?

  • A shungite protect necklace is usually worn for connecting with the beneficial properties of shungite on a regular basis. 
  • It plays a major role in maintaining a proper balance in the energy level of your system. 
  • It detoxifies your system and infuses you with a sense of positivity. 
  • Keeps you active and productive throughout the day.
  • Protects you from the elctro-magnetic fields, balances your root chakra and harmonizes your system. 

How to wear this necklace?

Although one can definitely wear this necklace as long as they want to, we would recommend you to wear this only for around sixty minutes on the first day you use it. This is primarily because the immensely powerful detoxifying effect the mineral is going to have on your body, soul and spirits. Once you are accustomed to wearing the necklace, you can automatically increase the time. In this way, you will be able to adjust to the high energy of the product. After you’re completely adapted to the significant change in the energy levels, wear this product on a daily basis.

How to active the necklace?

  • Begin by choosing a comfortable position.
  • Now quietly sit there while holding the necklace with both your hands. 
  • After this take a deep breath amidst the white light. 
  • You will soon be able to visualize the intention you have from the necklace. 
  • Always remember, that the stones are listening to you.
  • You can now wear the necklace. 

Keep wearing this necklace for a significant positive impact in your life.