Keychains from shungite stone

It is frustrating to have to look for keys and not find them. However, having a keychain that one likes goes a long way in helping you find the keys. Some of the keychains available in online stores are such as the shungite keychain.

A good keychain should not only look attractive but also serve its purpose as expected by many – hold your keys. 

Keychains from shungite stone

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

Some of the keychains available on the site are such as:

  • Tiny Ball
  • Circle
  • Trapeze
  • Polished Cube
  • Rectangle
  • Elite Shungite

It is vital that you have a functional keychain for the following reasons:

  1. Save time – A lot of time is wasted while trying to locate the keys.
  2. Security – If you cannot find your keys fast, someone else might have them, and this may compromise your safety as well. Also, having a keychain that stands out may protect you from predators that may want to make copies of your key and access areas they shouldn’t.
  3. Functionality – A good keychain should hold all your keys in place together. Some may have several bunches or one that is too full. It is advisable to have one pack that can carry all your keys in a go. However, some may argue that it is safer to have different sets in one bunch, for example, one bunch for school, another for the office, and one for the house, etc.

Today, online stores have a wide range of different functional keychains. The prices vary with appearance, the material used, size and strength or capacity as well. 

Below are some of the factors that influence choice in a keychain.


The keychains available on this site are made to be simple yet classy as well. Some comprise elements like rocks or cubes to give the keychain an edge. For instance, the elite shungite keychain includes a stone that gives it a gothic look – for some people; this is a fashion statement.

The shungite keychains do not have bright colors that may come out as playful. Most of them are made of mild hues like grays and blacks.


A keychain may not be on anyone’s list of priorities, but some keychains just beg for you to spend money on them. 


The shungite keychains are made of a metallic material. This means they can withstand the weight of the bunch of keys. The Rectangle FB5 keychain has a width of 32mm alongside a thickness of 5 mm as well. It weighs 9g against a length of 42mm. This also means it is not heavy for the user and bulky in your pocket either.


A good keychain is only as good as the caretaker. You may have the best keychain and still lose it. Utmost care should be given to keychains since they may be small but play a key role in our safety.