Bijouterie from shungite

Shungite, which is often referred to as “stone of life” or “miracle stone”, is basically a naturally occurring Precambrian carbonaceous stone. The stone gets those names due to its amazing healing effects and the amazing positive properties it showcases. According to researchers, the mineraloid is around two billion years old; this means, it came into being much before the first living being arrived on our planet. Use of Shungite for getting rid of emotional and physical disorders also began hundreds of years back. However, the recent time has seen the stone become more popular as more and more manufacturers are coming up with easy-to-use versions of Shungite. Wearing bijouterie of Shungite i.e. jewelry made using the stone is surely the most widely-loved way of using this miraculous stone. Read on to know more about these jewelries and the benefits of wearing them. 

Bijouterie from shungite

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Showing 1 - 12 of 32 items

Benefits of wearing bijouterie of Shungite 

The biggest benefit of wearing bijouterie of Shungite is that it allows the wearer to have these wondrous healing stones close to his or her body 24/7. This means, you will enjoy the protective and healing powers of Shungite all through the day irrespective of the work you are doing. 

Shungite works by protecting our body and mind from geopathic stress caused by electromagnetic radiation and balancing the chakras. This, in turn, strengthens our immune system and allows us to fight off diseases more easily. 

Wearing Shungite jewelries would create a significant change in the energy field surrounding your body. The stone does so through detoxification of your body and mind and by lifting up your energy levels. Wearing a Shungite necklace would allow you to stay energetic all through the day and work with extreme vigor. 

Wearing Shungite would help you in getting rid of all the emotions and thoughts that force us to stick to various pain and trauma causing patterns, events, and beliefs. In other words, these jewelries eliminate all kinds of negativities from our mind. In addition, they are also capable of physically detoxifying areas governed by different chakras. 

Negative energy is emitted not only by objects, but also by humans. We often remain surrounded by people who keep emitting such harmful energy. You can keep yourself protected from such energy by wearing various Shungite jewelries. 

Types of bijouterie of Shungite

Necklaces: High quality Shungite necklaces other than offering amazing healing effects also make great accessories. You can wear them with your favorite dress and continue to look good from outside and be healthy from inside all through the day. Ideally, you should wear these necklaces in a way so that they remain in contact with your heart chakra. 

Rosary: There’s nothing like wearing a rosary made using Shungite beads. Wearing a Shungite rosary would keep you elevated emotionally, physically, as well as spiritually. 

Bracelets: The bracelets made using Shungite beads are so chic and sleek to look at that they can be worn even to workplace. You will keep reaping the benefits of wearing Shungite without allowing anyone to know that you are wearing a special bracelet. 

Earrings: Shungite earrings are ideal Shungite wearables for people who want to keep their mind activated all through the day. Like most other bijouterie of Shungite, these earrings can also be worn with any outfit.